To buy, sell, or stay the course?  This is the question facing many owners today.

Because we have been on both sides of the coin, working hand-in-hand with the leading companies in the industry, 2020 brings unique insider perspective and knowledge to guide our clients through the process. 

We take an independent, unbiased view of our client’s business to identify the challenges and opportunities that will achieve our client’s goals.  By asking the tough questions, our clients see their business through the eyes of the person on the other side of the table, and are able to make informed and  intelligent decisions on the direction of their company

2020 worked with us on on our M&A strategy and helped us work through all the options. They made us see our company through the eyes of the buyer and understand where our strongest position was. This was a huge factor in the successful sale of our company
— Phil Fitzwater, CEO Iris Environmental